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How to – Avakin Life

Avakin Life is where you go to party and live life to the fullest. Become an avatar and chat with people all across the globe. Make friends, dance, customize your room, and check out what this world has to offer.

It is full of excitement and opportunities. There is no saying what awaits you in this game. Take the first step by setting up an account and downloading it today. If you already play, and want to know more about it, look below for some insight.

How to Kiss on Avakin Life?

Avakin Life does not have a lot of kissing animations. The best they offer is the Cheek Kiss, though there are a few others.

Cheek Kiss looks best when both users use it at the same time, but you can use it alone on someone. It is a simple, straightforward kiss, not making out or anything of the sort.

You will have to make sure you have the kiss. You may not have it available to use, which means taking a few extra steps to unlocking it. If you want a kiss, this is going to be your best option.

How to Have Sex in Avakin Life?

You cannot have sex in Avakin Life. It is not a game for that type of activity and there are no real workarounds to it. They do not have any adult skins, either, so you cannot see genitalia. There is no option for that or nudity.



Some users have found a way to work with these limitations. Generally, they sit or lie by one another in a chair or bed. Wearing underwear, generally skin-colored to appear nude, they will begin talking as if they are having sex.

Cyber sex is the only option if you want to have sex here. There are no animations available to fill that role, so text is all you can do.

How to Level Up Faster in Avakin Life?

Leveling up brings rewards and opportunities. Obviously, with that, you are going to want to level up as fast as you can. If you are finding it hard to do so right now, there are some tasks you can complete to quicken the process.

Make sure that you chat often. Chatting is, without a doubt, the easiest way to rake in points. Talk to as many people as possible and as often as you can to keep the points coming.

You can also rate apartments, feed pets, collect diamonds, buying items, gifting users, and taking part in most other activities. Nearly everything you do brings in points. Keep yourself active in the game and community and you will level up in no time.

Farm points by doing repeatable activities, like diving. You can do these activities over and over to score as many points as you can.

Remember to keep the restrictions in mind. There are certain limitations to what you can do, with daily caps for gaining experience. Watch for those caps so you can save yourself some time and money.

How to Get Lots of Coins in Avakin Life?

Coins are the currency of Avakin Life. They are how you pay for everything you want and need. If you want to play the game, you are going to need a steady stream of coins.

Getting those coins is actually easy. Anyone can do it in no time at all.

Buying coins is the easiest method, but also the most expensive, obviously. If you are willing to put in the cash, you can get some of those coins right away.

If you are not willing to spend, though, there are free options. Watching videos and taking part in offers can land you some rewards. Amounts vary, generally somewhat low, but it is a great way to build coins.

You can also take part in dailies, like going to your apartment daily, and leveling up.

How to Get Free Clothes in Avakin Life?

You cannot get free clothes on Avakin Life. The only way to get close to it is to get free coins. Outside of that, there is nothing you can do. It is buy or go without.

Avakin Life is endless fun for those who love to dress up, chat, and live a virtual life. While it does not have the adult fun some like, it offers more than enough to compensate.

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