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9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10

Polished graphics and animation | Easy to use controls

Limited customizations and content

Adult fun in 3DXChat is better than you could ever expect. This game offers players the chance to hang out, chat, and have sex. You can go from exploring to getting down and dirty with other players in mere minutes. Having the chance to explore, both the land and sexual activities, makes it perfect for most adult gamers out there. The excellent graphics, growing wardrobe, various places to visit, and other appealing features of the game all make it a top choice in this genre. It offers options and features that you are not going to find elsewhere. It is the game to play when you want some adult fun.


The main appeal of 3DXChat is, obviously, the sex. For people who like virtual sex games, this is one of the best. In terms of what the sex itself offers, it is more than satisfactory. You and your partner have a multitude of positions available. As the two of you have sex, the pleasure bars will rise. For male characters, this will determine the amount of ejaculate upon completion. When you do complete, you can choose to do so at your partner’s feet or on the face. The two of you can keep going for as long as you please.

Doing this in different locations is possible. From a yacht to a club to personal rooms, you have it all. You can have sex nearly anywhere. While there are areas of the game where you remain clothed, such as the beach, you do have quite a few options for nude-allowed areas. All of them have exploration options, but they are not vast. They are simple and allow for a decent amount of fun.


For the personal rooms, everyone has their own. You start out with two places when you begin playing 3DXChat. You can customize the room and you can make it your own. You can also set rooms to public or private. Public rooms are available to all while private rooms are invite only.

When having sex, walking around, and seeing everything the game has to offer, you will have your avatar. Your avatar is fully customizable, allowing you to choose everything from the skin color to the size of different parts of the body. Wardrobe is not fantastic, but it is growing. An upside to this is that the wardrobe is not terribly important. Most of the time, in a game like 3DXChat, you will not spend much time clothed.


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You can create several avatars if you want to roleplay as different people. You can choose the gender and appearance of each of them, too.

Moving around 3DXChat is easy to do. The intuitive design makes it a cinch to learn and navigate. It is mostly pointing where you want to go and clicking an option. It is similar to popular games like Sims, where all you have to do is choose an option once you choose an object. It is something that you can pick up within minutes of playing.

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