Second Life


8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Excellent graphics.

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About Digamour

Digamour combines role playing features and the first adult 3D All Adult XXX Realtime action RPG.  You will tour the city and control your digital playmate in explicit action on your Windows PC.

Game Summary

Late in the 21 century, Somavision developed Biomechanic Sex Dolls within the secret Digamour Project.  Engineers  within an underground project have enhanced these dolls into life-like individuals.


The Game

Enter into Digamour 3D Virtuporn and experience Cyberdoll developments in the year 2074 in Paris.

Depending on your abilities and dexterity, will determine how much Experience Points (XP) and cash you will get out of each session with one of these dolls.  The XP will take your own character to the next level of gameplay and you can use the Cash for your cyberdolls enhancements.

Different Locations





Upgrading the Cyberdolls in the Bodyshop

Sex Doll Models (Brazil, Japan, German, South Africa)

Knowledge of Sex Positions for Sex Dolls

Hair Styles

Body Weight

Skin Color

Eye Color


For more screenshots, click here.

Body Shapes (breasts and butt)

New content is added constantly.

Camera zoom and angles are extremely smooth without any interruptions and sex animations are of very good quality.


This game contains hardcore and satirical gameplay features that are not suitable for minors.

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Second Life