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7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Cute and adorable graphics

Small range of avatar customization and pet varieties

Friendbase has it all for the social types. You have your own avatar and room, plenty of people to talk to, and plenty of places to go. Make the game fit your style and personality, and find friends and locations that do, too. Talk with people from across the world. It is endless socialization opportunities. Since it is a mobile game, you can do all of this from the palm of your hands. Explore and talk to people from around the world. Do whatever you want to go here. Make it your own and make it fun. It is perfect for all types of people.


Socialization games are not new. People have loved them for years, and continue to find new titles every day. Friendbase is simply another version of social gaming. It takes what you love about the social gaming platform and gives you a great package. If you are tired of using social media websites or want a change in social gaming, this is the right alternative. It is a hugely popular game that gets people from across the globe. You can come in, have some fun, meet new people, and get creative. It is a world of opportunities opening up to you every time you play.

The avatars are your introduction to Friendbase. When you start out, you will make your own avatar. This is the character that you will use to navigate and chat in the game. You can make it suit your appearance or desires, whatever they may be. When finished, you can check out your room and begin personalizing that, too. See what others have done with their own styles, invite over friends that you meet along the way, and have parties.


The reason you play Friendbase is to talk with others. Whether current friends or people you just met, you can use this game as a way to chat. When chatting, you can even look at their profile information linked from Facebook. It gives you the chance to learn more about people in a simple way while continuing to chat with them. It is chatting built for the chatters.

Explore the different areas of the game or chat in people’s homes. You have plenty of places to go if you want to hang out. This is true for small and big groups alike. For people who want to meet new friends, you can travel around and see it all. Meet new people and take part in the massive group chat. For anyone who wants to hang out with friends, invite them over to your place or go to theirs.


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The design of Friendbase is exceptionally good. Anyone can jump right into it and know exactly what they are doing. The intuitive design of the game, paired with the high quality build, make it easily approachable. If you have little to no experience with these types of games, this will offer a friendly and simple introduction. It has everything you want in a social game without any of the trouble.

Friendbase is free to play.

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