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My Virtual Boyfriend

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fully customizable and there are over 100 guys to choose from.

Needs more social actions and dates are not realistic.

My Virtual Boyfriend is currently the number 1 dating game available on mobile devices! This means that you can take the perfect virtual boyfriend with you wherever you go. By playing My Virtual Boyfriend, you will be able to create the perfect boyfriend (both physically and behaviorally) to accompany you on your travels. Enjoy the company of your virtual boyfriend in the car, at the mall, at school or wherever else you choose to go. No matter what, he will never turn his back on you or say anything mean to you.. after all, he is perfect!


Features of My Virtual Boyfriend

The My Virtual Boyfriend mobile game offers over 200 different potential boyfriends for you to choose from. You will be able to fully customize your boyfriend to look exactly like you want him to, from his face, to his hair, skin, clothing and so much more. My Virtual Boyfriend offers you the chance to use the Face Mapping option implemented in the game in order to put any boy’s (or girl’s) face on your virtual boyfriend that you desire. Each boyfriend has his own personality and behaves completely different from all the rest, so if you tire of one boyfriend, you will be able to make a new boyfriend that acts in a completely separate way.


My Virtual Boyfriend offers hours of entertainment as you play through more than 35 levels of gameplay. Throughout My Virtual Boyfriend you will be able to speak to many different guys, complete actions with your boyfriend, go on dates and other activities together, purchase new outfits for him to where and watch as he responds to your every touch. There are plenty of achievements to unlock with your new virtual boyfriend and each achievement offers special rewards when you unlock it. There are so many different options to customize your virtual boyfriend, from fun, unique outfits to vampire, zombie and bobble-head skins! With so much customization, there is no way you will ever grow bored of your virtual boyfriend. As you progress through the game you will be able to customize your boyfriend’s clothing more and more in order to create the perfect boyfriend for you.


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My Virtual Boyfriend is far more entertaining than any of the other dating games on mobile devices, so come join the fun today and create you unique virtual boyfriend. Bring him with you wherever you go, do activities together in order to unlock achievements and gain new rewards, and have a blast with the boyfriend of your dreams.

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