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Sex Gangsters

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Suond: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to navigate.

Should give more tips on how to level up.

For a thrilling experience, full of sex and crime and excitement, you want Sex Gangsters. Build up your gang of sexy women, have sex with them all, dress up, and take part in all types of activities. This is a free to play browser-based game, too, so there is nothing you have to do to get started.

You start with a rather crazy situation. An older man has brought you to his home in order to set you as his replacement. You are going to start finding women from all over the glove, having sex with them and getting them to join your gang.

You are going to do this through various scenes. This is not an animated game, but a visual novel type. You have comic scenes, which you can move through as you click the button. There is no wrong answer or wrong move here, either. Everything is linear. You click a button to move forward in a story, paying money and energy to progress.

Yes, you will need to pay money and energy to progress. It is a free game and, like most others these days, employs the same microtransaction elements that we all know. Once you run out of energy and money, you will have to get more.

For energy, you can either wait or spend gold. Waiting is easy enough, but it does get in the way of fully immersing yourself in the gameplay. If you want to spend gold, you will have to buy it with real money. You start out with a large amount, and earn more as you level up, but you will run out eventually. Once that happens, you will either have to wait or buy more gold.

The money you can get through jobs. After the first two missions, where you recruit the girls, you will run out of money. You have enough money on hand to last you two girls, after which you will have to start doing jobs for more, like robbing a taxi driver.

This is all worth it, too. The story itself is phenomenal. For anyone interested in sex-focused games, you do not get much better than this. It is your fantasy brought to life, with the most beautiful women around to satisfy you. You are going to have women salivating over you, wanting you every moment.

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As you progress, you will unlock more content and more of the world. As you become a world traveler, you will be able to have sex with and recruit women from all over the world. From the US to London to countries in Asia and beyond, you can get them all on your side. They will jump at the chance to be with you.

Customize your character, as well, with clothing items that you can get through the game. Go with nothing or start making your character look like a beast. As you level up, you will unlock more items to wear.

Sex Gangsters is more than just a sex game. It has sex, sure, but it goes further than that. It is everything you want in a free to play browser game, all with beauty and sex intertwined.

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