Second Life


9.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Large community.

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Smeet has set a firm foot in the virtual world thanks to its amazing 3D chat feature! This browser based free game is everything that you asked for.

You can access it easily without having to worry about download. Whether you are bored or whether you are stuck with your parents and have no freedom, this is the massively multiplayer online game for you to check out. Trust me, you will be thrilled!


Here, you have a number of activities to carry out right from dressing up to decorating your home to hanging out with your friends, AND making brand new friends from across the globe!

What’s more, there are even video clips here to watch and pass time. You will never feel bored here because the videos are updated constantly. Hence, you always have something new to do here. Icing on the cake? The virtual world is sans rules.


When you log in, you should choose a character and then add your touches to make him or her unique. Make sure he or she resembles you as much as possible!

After all, he or she will be your representation in the virtual world. This won’t be difficult because you have many options to explore in clothes, hairstyles, and makeup.Next, you decorate your house exactly as you want to without having to listen o your elders. The furnishing options offered on Smeet are simply outstanding.


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Remember that this virtual world is fictional and you can live your life YOUR way here. Whatever you always envisioned could materialize here. Plus, you have plenty of mini games to play and engage yourself.

Indeed, Smeet has everything you could ask for including great users, amazing graphics, and numerous activities. All for free!

Smeet is free to play.

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Second Life