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Virtual Villagers

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Simple and engaging gameplay.

Takes so much of your time watching the villagers.

Love virtual online gaming? Think you have seen everything the gaming world has in store for you? Well, surprise! There is an excellent 5 series virtual world that you can check out, which is extremely difficult from the other virtual worlds. In these five series, you will be able to control each and everything, raising a huge community all by yourself according to YOUR preferences. Welcome to Virtual Villagers.


In the first series or game of this virtual world, you will set up the base. This game is called A New Home. You have a few confused and unorganized villagers who you need to take care of. You will have to teach them numerous things including survival skills, farming, and science. When they learn these skills they will be able to build their community. After that you will enter the second series of the world named The Lost Children. This resembles the first series but here, you have to take care of the children in the community. This means that the number of skills you teach will increase.


Now that the villagers know what they are doing, you can go ahead and explore a secret city for them! In Virtual Villagers 3 you will find an abandoned city that you need to explore and unveil secrets of. Alongside, you will help the villagers convert it into their home. The next series is the Tree of Life. Here, you explore the whole island given to you and find great new secrets.


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The final series is the New Believers. Here, you use the villagers you helped organize and help convert everybody else into civilized citizens. You will have a few last savages that you need to take care of in this last series.

The best part is that all this happens in real time. Thus, you don’t have to log on round the clock. You can get back to playing the game between classes, homework, and/or dates as and when you wish to!

Virtual Villagers is free to play.

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