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8.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Great concept | Amazing locations | Superb character animations

Lots of bugs | Motion blur and lag

Social games have evolved, and VTime is proof of that. Rather than just chatting online with friends and family, you have a virtual reality where you can chat. You will make your avatar, choose your name, and go to different rooms. You can set up your own room or you can go to someone else’s room by random. It is a great place to make friends and stay in touch with people you already know. It keeps you talking and meeting new people, and all while in beautiful environments. It is one of the best new social games out now, leading the way for a new generation in this genre.


Starting up VTime is easy to do. You just need a smartphone and a virtual reality headset. Yes, this may seem like a bit much for a game, but it is the next step in gaming. Virtual reality is immensely popular and it is only natural for social games to come out for them. If you currently own a virtual reality headset, you can download this game to your smartphone and begin playing it. Downloading and setting it up is a cinch, and you should have everything up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

When you have the game up, it is time to make your character! Your character is your avatar. After choosing your unique ID, the name that everyone will see as you chat with new people, you will want to customize your avatar. Choose everything from the skin color to the hairstyle to the clothes. Make the avatar look just like you! There is a huge selection here so you should have no trouble getting in a bit of personality. Have fun with it or make it true to form, whatever fits your personal style and desires.


Any time you are ready, you can begin to chat. This is a game accessed by people from across the globe. Meet all types of new people when you play, making new friends and having memorable conversations. You can talk about anything here. Since adults are the primary audience for VTime, you do not have to worry about watching what you say. Feel comfortable talking to other users, or making your own room and inviting people. When you meet people and you like them, friend them so that you can chat at any time in the future. It is everything you expect in a social game.


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The appearance of VTime is exceptional. The rooms are gorgeous, with environments ranging from regular room to space station. Everyone sits around and chats in these magnificent environments. The user interface and overall design are great, too. It is an intuitive and straightforward game built for the best user experience possible. You should have no trouble getting into and enjoying this game, even with it being a relatively new setup and type of game. You will feel as if you have played virtual reality social games countless times in the past when in VTime.

VTime is free to play.

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