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8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good quality 3D art.

Few videos.

Fantasy porn, the games and cartoons and comics, are hugely popular. People adore them for what they can do, rising above what is possible in real porn. You get all types of characters and settings and situations, giving you the chance to live your full sexual fantasy.

Insane 3D gives you the opportunity to take part in all of that. You can have all of the fantasy porn you want, all in one place. It collects porn in all types, including cartoon, comic, still image, and games. You can enjoy all types of fantasy, animated porn.

If you want to watch some cartoon porn, any type of animated porn you could imagine, you have that here. There is a large selection of high quality, amazing porn that will leave you wanting more and more and more. Whatever type of fantasy situation you are after, you are bound to find it here.

The same goes with the comics. If you are more interested in reading, whether because you prefer the art quality or you simply prefer what you can get out of it, you have plenty available. Read however much or little you need, taking in every panel and every word. It is the comics you love and want to love.

If you only want to look at images, there are plenty of great porn images available here. You can see fantasy images of all types, all with beautiful women. Find the images to your liking and view them as much as you want, or switch between images instantly.

The images and the comics and cartoons are great, but there is another part of Insane 3D that you will love – the games. For an interactive porn experience, this is what you want. You can choose from one of many games, and you can have sex with all types of women in them. These games will give you the chance to experience the most thrilling sexual experiences possible, all with beautiful women.

When playing these games, you will have a lot to do. Of course, each game offers unique features and gameplay, so there are endless ways to go about them. You can choose the exact sexual experience you crave and have it, all from the games here. Whatever your desires, you are bound to find a game that works for you.

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Having such a large catalogue of games here will give you the chance to play how you like, what you like, when you like. You can switch between games often to find the perfect one, or you can go based on your mood. There are endless possibilities for you here.

Whatever you want out of your fantasy, animated porn, Insane 3D is bound to have it. You have a huge catalogue and great quality. You can choose what interests you and you can know you will love it. Whether you want something vanilla or you have a few kinks only fantasy can fill, this is where you want to go. You have it all right here waiting for you.

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