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My 3D Girlfriends

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Suond: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good graphics.

A bit pricey.

Between real porn and low quality animated porn, it can be a chore to find something really good out there. My 3D Girlfriends gives you a new solution, one that is sure to please you in all the right ways. You have the chance to have sex with beautiful, realistic women in the way you want to here. It will leave you salivating and wanting much, much more.

My 3D Girlfriends is different from regular porn and even other porn games. With regular porn, you are an inactive watcher. After you have watched so many, you grow tired of it. You no longer get the same level of excitement from it. Sure, there are some good bits here and there, but it does not do much for you anymore.

Other games are about the same. You play them for a while and then you realize they are boring and bland, and oftentimes not at all good to look at. Poor graphics, limited selection, and bad overall design. It makes you not want to play.

Here, though, you have something magnificent. You have a full, beautiful game that allows you to play and have sex all you want. You have multiple positions and camera angles, and everything about the woman and area look amazing. You will fall in love with it and your experience here.

You have complete control. When you want to go hook up, you can. Whatever you want to do during the sex, you can do it. You have nearly unlimited possibilities. You can have the greatest sex of your life in this game thanks to how many options there are and how you are able to take control.

The game is essentially a hook up game. You meet a hot woman and have sex. You do this over and over, through every scenario. There are different scenarios that you can play out, but they all amount to the same thing. This is a sex game, after all, not an RPG or anything story- or action-driven.

The sex itself is incredible. You can control it on every level. Choose the POV, position, and even volume when you play. Get right in there and watch your dream sex scene in action. It is going to blow your mind how much there is for you to do and see here.

New scenarios come out often. Most games rarely update what they offer you, keeping it the same from launch. My 3D Girlfriends, though, wants to keep you happy. They continually offer new content for you to explore and enjoy. You can constantly find new ways to have sex with the most beautiful women you will see.

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They are beautiful. The graphics are extraordinary, giving you realism without making it appear off. It will keep you interested from start to finish.

Everything about My 3D Girlfriends is just right. It gives you the best possible sex game you can get. It is better than any sex game out there, and it beats out real porn with ease. It is your fantasy come to virtual life.

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