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Red Light Center

9.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10

Various customization options and everything is fully animated.

You need to be a VIP member to access exclusive sex functions.

Red Light Center is a Massively Multi-User Reality that is based on Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It has a number of bars and clubs that you can visit to make all fantasies into a reality. You get make an avatar and fully customise it to look exactly how you want, with customisation options such as clothing, hair colour, and more.

The game runs on a virtual currency called Rays, which are used for purchasing various items in-game.

Red 2

You can buy Zaby apartments, which are fully customisable in terms of furniture and appearance, and can even be home to TVs that can stream video. Rays can also be used to purchase gifts for other players, and are available for purchase with real currency.

You can also spend your Rays on community events, which are abundant in the Red Light Center world. Events usually involve parties and dancing, and avatars can also often take drugs at these events. You get to control when the drugs lose effect, as well.

Red 7

The game is wholly interactive, allowing you to easily get in contact with other players, and even do little things like buy them a drink. You have a long list of options available for the places you can go, and the ways you can interact with the game. You have a choice of six different portals that will take you various places in the game, furthering your interactibility.

VIP members also have access to an exclusive sex function, and you will have the opportunity to have sex with other players’ avatars.

Red 10

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Just about any fantasy or fetish you can think of is catered to in this area, and nothing is censored—everything is fully animated and realistically portrayed.

If you’re looking for a high quality adult game with a lot of customisation options, look no further—Red Light Center is the game for you. Even if you use it for nothing else, it’s a great way to meet new people.

Red Light Center is free to play.

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  • Lucia Del Rio

    this was a bad game, it had too many suggestive sex posters with stupid naked women and men! that’s definitely not right for a virtual game. not safe.

    • ih8jello

      that is why they call it an ADULT fantasy world.. hence you still have to verify that you are 18 to this day.

    • Unverified User

      Um, did you not understand the title? “Virtual World for Adults!??” What part of the human body is wrong to view? I cant think of anything that I was born with that is “wrong” Whats wrong with your body?

  • Mundo PC
  • David Adams

    I started playing RLC recently – first I picked up the free version, then after three weeks decided to upgrade to VIP for one month to see what the full game had to offer.
    I’m playing red light center 2, which has some VR bits in it now, although i understand they plan to make the whole thing available in VR in the future, which will certainly add to the flavor.
    Personally, I find the community to be quite nice – no trolls and not too many perverts either – so I don’t understand some of the negative comments. Either way, if you’re thinking about trying yourself, just pick up the free version and give it a look. To each his/her own! 🙂 If you need more info before deciding, check out, it’s got a review and a bunch of pics and vids as well.

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