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Girlvania: Summer Lust

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Simple user interface.

Lacking in gameplay.

There is no need for a story or background in Girlvania: Summer Lust. Instead, it gets right to the point – sex. That is why you come to these games and that is why you are here, because you want a sexual and steamy experience. You want something that gets you excited in every way imaginable, and that feels real in the process. This game gives that to you with some incredible graphics and reactions from the girls, making it feel even more real. It gets you into it, just as it should. You will find yourself not wanting to leave the computer screen.

Sex games are everywhere these days. You can find them for download and for free just about everywhere. There are all types, too. The thing is, few of them can compare to Girlvania: Summer Lust in terms of what you can do and the quality of the gameplay and graphics. There is so much to experience here, making it the perfect sex game for anyone after adult games. If you want young women going their all with one another, or if you want to give a young woman the time of her life, this is the game to pick up. Go through education and begin improving your love making skills.

The education will unlock more and more options. Each stage is its own education, and you will have to complete it to move to the next. To complete the stage, you will have to pleasure the woman in a way that is just right. Without getting too light or too rough, you will have to make her cum. It is about pure enjoyment of her, and the enjoyment of yourself in the process. Try to find that sweet spot with each stage and finish to completion. You can move on to the next whenever you are ready.

These stages each have their own sexual acts. From oral sex to using toys and foods, to straight penetration, you are doing it all. Of course, you are going to work your way up through each stage to make it to the top. As you unlock the stages, you can go back to them. You have access to all stages if you would like to return to the game in the future, which you very well might.

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You have multiple choices during the sex acts. Girlvania: Summer Lust allows you to change camera position, use the mouse to control speed and power, go on auto, and fondle while doing the sex. This gives you the chance to experience the act in every way imaginable, including the way that you prefer. It is a great way to enjoy sex more than you ever have before.

All of the graphics and gameplay in Girlvania: Summer Lust are exceptional. You have realistic looks, moans, and orgasms, and you have gameplay that makes you feel as if you are there. With nearly unlimited amounts of play awaiting you, you can take advantage of this any time you want.

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