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Do you love animals? Are they your passion? Are you maybe even thinking about getting a job working with animals once you’re done with school? Do you want to see if maybe working with animals every day is really the right thing for you?

Then look no further than Mondo Zoo! Mondo Zoo is a totally free and totally fantastic way to test your skills at working with animals by running a virtual zoo!


How do you play the game? At the beginning of the game, you are being trusted with over 200 different animals that need to be saved and protected. The premise of the game is for you to start your zoo by saving tons of different endangered animals, which have been sent to your zoo for protection from all around the world.

Your zoo is connected with the WAF, or “World Animal Foundation,” which lets you trade and buy animals while running your zoo. You can buy and sell animals through the “World Animal Foundation”–or you can try your luck with the black market, but watch out that you don’t get banned from the World Animal Foundation in the process! This would mean you can no longer trade or buy from them, which could definitely impact your gameplay.


The game is set-up in a series of different rounds, which begin each time you sign in to the game. During these rounds, your goal is to keep the zoo running smoothly—and to make money, of course.

You’ll need to keep your animals happy, healthy, and well taken-care of–but that is only a small part of running a zoo. Because you’re running a public zoo, you will also need to know how to keep your zoo employees and your zoo guests happy!


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This includes hiring new employees and helping them to build up their careers by training them to improve their skills–this not only makes them better employees, it helps keep the animals in the zoo happen! And once you build up your zoo, you can add tons of different options in your park like shops, food and drink vendors, and other experiences to make the guests happy.

Some games are educational. Some games are fun. Mondo Zoo is both! It is a game truly built for people who love animals and who want to learn more about them while trying their hand at running a virtual business. There will be thrills, bumps in the road, and tons of great animal experiences when you sign up and play Mondo Zoo—why wait?

Mondo Zoo is free to play.

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